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Install and launch Parsec from here. You have to do this only once. Click the 'Play Now' button on Arena Unlimited and play Arena.

The Magic Arena and the Arena Unlimited accounts are personal to you, will not by used by anyone else or shared. We are lovely guys but still any violation of Magic Arena ToS will be considered a violation of Arena Unlimited ToS and your account will be terminated.

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In today's world there are many different ways to play the game you love. However, each platform has its pros and cons. Arena Unlimited stepped up the game and offers everything you need on one platform.

With Arena Unlimited you have immediate access to all cards, low entry cost, and can playtest on any device you have.

Paper MTGO Arena Arena Unlimited
Low Entry Cost X X V V
Full deck access X X X V
Cash out V V X V
Play Mac and mobile X X X V

Cash out

Every Gold, Gem, Booster and Wildcard won during your session gives you Wallet credit that can be used for in-game play or cashed out for real money on PayPal.

If you are good at MTG, you can earn more than the cost of the subscription each month.

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