Our Manifesto

This section explains the foundamentals of the Magic Arena and the Arena Unlimited economy. Please read this section carefully because it contains important information.

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1. Magic Arena

This section explains the Magic Arena f2p economy and why it can be, despite the name, very expensive.

2. Wallet

explains how the Arena Unlimited Wallet and the reward system work, and the conversion rates between gems, gold, wildcards and boosters.

3. Cash out system

explains how to cash out gems, gold, wildcards and boosters for real money and move what you won to another Arena account if needed.

Let's get started!

1.Magic Arena


In Magic Arena you cannot trade. Every card you get is obtained opening boosters that are purchased with Gold, Gems, or won at tournaments. Special cards (wildcards) help you obtaining specific cards you need for you deck.

Building a Tier 1 deck costs around 200$ or one month of daily grinding (numbers may vary according to deck). If the deck does not work properly, the meta shifts, a new set gets released, or if you simply get bored, switching to another deck may cost another 200$ or another month of grinding.

You may decide to reuse some cards and switch to a similar deck to save money and grinding less hours.

Here at Arena Unlimited we think this a major drawback and a great limit in enjoying Magic Arena, otherwise a wonderful game. We want to be able to switch any deck we want and experiment with Magic: the Gathering as it was originally designed and intended.

2. The Wallet

Every gem, gold, booster and wildcard you win will be recorded in your Wallet at the end of each gaming session. You can cash out your Wallet anytime for real money, we will send a payment to your PayPal account.

Your Wallet contains what you won and has a certain value expressed in $. If you spend gems or gold to enter a competitive tournament, these gems or gold will be removed from your Wallet. If you win them back, they will be added. Exactly like you would expect it to be.

If you spend gems or gold and your Wallet is unsufficient to cover the usage, we will charge your payment method a 1:1 ratio with the Magic Arena store.

Do not exit a gaming session if your competitive tournament is not finished.

Starter Plus Enhanced Pro
Gems 1$ for 400 1.20$ for 400 1.40$ for 400 1.60$ for 400
Gold 1$ for 2K 1.20$ for 2K 1.40$ for 2K 1.60$ for 2K
Booster 0.05$ each 0.10$ each 0.15$ each 0.20$ each
M wc 0.25$ each 0.30$ each 0.35$ each 0.40$ each
R wc 0.04$ each 0.06$ each 0.08$ each 0.10$ each
U wc 0.01$ each 0.02$ each 0.03$ each 0.04$ each
C wc 0.01$ each 0.01$ each 0.01$ each 0.01$ each

3. The Cash out


You can cash out anytime to your PayPal account. You decide the amount of gems, gold, boosters and wildcards you want to cash out.

Why cash out is so important? If you have a personal Magic Arena account and you are preparing for a big tournament, cashing out means that you will be able to purchase the winning deck you tested. In general, we want to give you the flexibily to use your money as you want and 'dust' your winning if you want.


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